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B.C.F. Shake Mill produces quality shakes and shingles including heavy and light 18 inch or 24 inch shakes, 18 or 24 inch taper-sawn and 18 inch ridge cap. Our main export products are as follows: 18 inch Perfection shingles and 24 inch Royal shingles. Recently we have expanded our line to include 18 and 24 inch Rebutted and Rejoined wall shingles packed in boxes. These are available natural, sanded or grooved. These products are produced under the standards of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau thus we carry the Certi-Label and Certigrade labels on all our products. We can arrange to have Certi-Guard pressure impregnated with fire retardants of Certi-Last .40 CCA Preservative - Treated shakes & shingles for those customers wishing this additional protection.

Business Objective

B.C.F Shake Mill Ltd. will continue to develop its reputation in producing a quality product with friendly service. The company welcomes inquiries from retail or wholesale distributors. A detailed list of products and prices are available upon request.
Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles


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Rebutted & Rejointed Sidewall Shingles

Photos courtesy of BC Shake & Shingle Association and
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
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