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Established in 1955 in Fanny Bay, British Columbia, B.C.F. Shake Mill was a small two man operation and in early 1970, Gordon Lennox purchased the company. The mill was located on a small piece of leased land on a local farmers field. His three son`s, Jim, Kevin and Rodger bought their shares not too many years thereafter. Needing more space to expand the business, a nine acre parcel of land was purchased in 1980 in Mud Bay on the middle east coast of Vancouver Island, which was and is today, an operating log sort. After purchasing the property, the first ten years of the log sort business was leased out. After the lease expired in 1989, Jim took over the responsibility for managing the log sort. In 1990 we named this portion of the business Rosewall Log Sort, a division of B.C.F. Shake Mill The Shake and Shingle Division is managed by Kevin and Rodger. Rodger also supervises the office and the sales department. We now have forty employees.

In 1985, a devastating fire destroyed the entire mill building, and the equipment within. Arson was suspected, no one was apprehended and no resolution was never reached. With no insurance at that time, the Lennox family struggled to rebuild. In 1987, a second fire started in the electrcal room and was extinguished by the sprinkler system, but not before portions of the building and equipment were badly damaged. The insurance company was unable to determine the cause of the second fire. The mill was rebuilt a second time. After the fire, the old beehive burner was replaced by a hogger and chipper. These facilities utilize virtually all cedar waste.

The company has had the privilege of shipping products throughout Canada, USA, Pacific Rim and Europe.

Bundling Ced Shingles Packing Ced Shakes

Photos courtesy of BC Shake & Shingle Association and
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
and Rodger Lennox

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